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Life is full of conversations. From ordering your morning coffee to building great relationships, conversations are at the forefront.

Avoiding the following conversation pitfalls will help create more meaningful and enjoyable conversations.

1. Looking for Winners and Losers

It feels great to be right, but this is also a quick way to create tension in the conversation.

Finding ways to work together in conversations is always more productive and enjoyable. But, it’s often hard to get everyone on the same page when there are conflicting views.

The book “Crucial Conversations” by Kerry Patterson (which I highly recommend) goes into depth on creating these types of conversations:

Techniques to improve your day to day life

Meditation can be a powerful tool to take control of your life and live more intentionally. Chances are you’ve heard of the standard mindfulness meditations: sitting in a quiet place, focusing on your breath and working to stay in the moment. While this is a powerful technique, there are many more meditation tools you can use to improve your everyday life.

Here are some quick and simple mediation tools that have had an impact on my own life:

1. Box Breathing — Fighting Stress

The first tool is called box breathing. This technique is a powerful way to keep a clear head when in a stressful…

No more managing access secrets in your applications.

Most modern cloud applications are built with a need to access other cloud resources. This creates the challenge of managing the credentials in your code for authenticating to cloud services. Keeping credentials secure is an important task. Ideally, the credentials never appear on developer workstations or checked into source control.

Today we are going to walk through an example of using Managed Identities for Azure Resources to authenticate to Azure Key Vault. Never again will you have to managed credentials in your application. And best of all, its all done using containers.

What is Managed Identities for Azure Resources

Azure Container Instances already offers integration with Azure Log Analytics. Today we’ll walk through how you can use a FluentBit sidecar to extend this to send your container logs to where ever is best for your situation.

What is FluentBit

A description straight from

Fluent Bit is an open source and multi-platform Log Processor and Forwarder which allows you to collect data/logs from different sources, unify and send them to multiple destinations.

In other words, FluentBit is a cool lightweight tool that can pull in your logs from a range of inputs (tailing a file, syslog, TCP, etc.), …

Nowadays, SSL/TLS is a base requirement for any website or application that operates over the internet. Unfortunately for most people, setting up and managing SSL/TLS is a nightmare.

This post will walk through using a standard Nginx container as a sidecar to add SSL/TLS for Azure Container Instance. All without making changes to the application code.

Types of SSL/TLS Certificates

First, we’ll need an SSL/TLS certificate. There are two options get a certificate

  1. Create Your Own Certificate (Self-Signed): Self-Signed certificates are generated by us and certified by us, hence the self-signed. This makes them easier to get, but you get to see the nice…

We all have wishes, but how can we actual do something about making them a reality.

Wishing for something is a great way to start setting goals and making improvements in your life. Turning wishes into actual goals has two great benefits. You either make a wish come true, or, after doing some research, you realize it’s not something you actually want. In both cases you get to move past the wishes and onto a better life.

Here is the process I use to make wishes come true.

1. Record the Wishes

The first step is listening to yourself. Next time you say or think a phrase like “I wish I could”, “I wish I knew how to” or “I…

At one point or another, all of us have been overwhelmed with the desire to learn a new language. Whether it was to impress that beautiful señorita / señor, get that international job or to just to enjoy those slightly weird but also slightly addicting international shows on Netflix, learning a new language certainly has its appeal.

Yet for most of us, learning that language ranks right in between that gym membership and the photography hobby on the list of things that never seem to get done.

Here are 4 practical tricks I’ve used in my own language learning adventure:

1. 5-a-day Rule

Samuel Kreter

Senior Engineering Manager at Microsoft | Founder of Focus80 helping people improve core skills that create a better life

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